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Instead of prices, we offer an exceptional and free service with a careful selection of potential members. Experience excellence at no cost!

A Personalized Partnership Tailored to Your Needs

At Córdoba Music Group, we understand the importance of catering to established and thriving artists, record labels, managers, and distributors. That’s why we offer a dedicated team, marketing support, and valuable business intelligence to help you grow your revenue and increase brand awareness. Let’s collaborate and achieve your musical goals together!

Cutting-Edge Technology for Artists and Labels

We can develop specialized digital release strategies for artists and labels new releases or back catalogue across all platforms, increasing visibility, fan engagement, content streaming, and sales. This is made possible by our Trade Marketing expertise and strong relationships with all audio and video services to position your products.

  • Release Creation System: Effortlessly create and manage releases. Ingest your back catalog and generate new releases easily. Streamline workflow and save time with our user-friendly platform.
  • Catalog Management: Track content delivery, monitor promotions, and resolve rights conflicts. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions for your music.
  • Fair Deals:Transparent financial reports and timely payments. Prioritizing your financial success and providing the support you need to thrive.
Chris Valencia — Artist from Electrify Stage

Free DIY Plan: Empower Your Music with Limitless Possibilities

Custom % of Royalties

With our free DIY plan, you’ll have access to a wide range of powerful features to fuel your music without any limitations. Here’s what you can expect:
Unleash your music’s potential with our free DIY plan. Start making waves in the music industry today!

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We understand that you may have questions and uncertainties. That’s why we encourage you to explore the testimonials from our satisfied customers. We value their feedback and continuously gather updated opinions after every sent and validated release to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their positive experiences or areas of improvement. We strive to provide the best possible experience, and our customer testimonials serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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Professional Plan: Elevate Your Music with Customized Support

For larger projects with specific requirements, our Professional Plan offers unparalleled support and tailored features. Here’s what you’ll gain:
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