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Distribution Solutions

Your music on all platforms, fully optimized!

Audio Distribution

You can submit all your releases in various formats on over 350 major platforms, as well as local and specialised platforms, in the best quality, thanks to our state-of-the-art digital distribution and promotion technology.

Video Distribution

To maximize the potential of your videos, we developed and invested in internal technology and resources. We not only offer rapid video delivery across numerous platforms, but we also offer content development services thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

Social Media Distribution

In the recent years, it has been clear how much UGC on social media may revitalize an artist's career. In order to help them reach the 3,6 billion social media users worldwide, we also make sure that new content and back catalogs from artists and labels are distributed across the majority of social media platforms and short-form video.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Artists and Labels

We can develop specialized digital release strategies for artists and labels new releases or back catalogue across all platforms, increasing visibility, fan engagement, content streaming, and sales. This is made possible by our Trade Marketing expertise and strong relationships with all audio and video services to position your products.

Editorial & Marketing Partnerships

Our teams deliver the best release strategies across all music digital platforms, working in more than 70 local markets around the world, increasing editorial visibility, audience engagement, and stream and revenue enhancement while continually adjusting to new opportunities and strategies for our artists and labels

Marketing Tools

Because technology is at the core of who we are, we have a full suite of marketing tools created for every artist and label to organize their digital promotion in a simple and effective way, and advice from our expert team, which will help you become an expert in digital marketing.

Our Technologies

Technology being at the core of our DNA; Backstage is one of the best full music distribution software for artists and labels on the market. Backstage is a unique interface that enables artists and labels to manage, promote and monitor their content in intuitive, simple and efficient way.


Labels, artists, and their teams can manage and optimize their entire catalogue—from the most recent to the oldest content—through a single interface called Backstage. Backstage provides a comprehensive content tracking solution that allows you to monitor deliveries, assess in-store promotional success, manage rights issues, access payments, and view clear financial reports. Our Backstage has creative tools that may be easily customized to meet all of your needs.

Copyright Compliance & Data Deduplication

ACRCloud’s music copyright detection service is a very efficient solution for music distributors to use as a content filter to track if the content has been distributed. Protecting the content from our customers is a key priority for us and we look forward to developing this collaboration with ACRCloud to help us further develop the services we provide to the music industry.